Current Postdocs

Current Ph.D. Students

Lab Alumni - Ph.D. Students

Joseph Fogarty (email)
Water Resource Engineer at the Delaware River Basin Commission

Einara Zahn (email)
Still in our lab, Postdoctoral Research

Mohammad Allouche (email)
Postdoctoral Research at LLNL

Hamid Omidvar
CTO at Mitigrate

Mostafa Momen (email)
Assistant Professor at the University of Houston

Qi Li (email)
Assistant Professor at Cornell University

Hossein Hezaveh
Software Development Engineer II at Moderna

Stimit Shah (email)
CFD developer at Cadence Design Systems

Dan Li (email)
Associate Professor at Boston University

Zhihua Wang (email)
Associate professor at Arizona State University

Visiting Ph.D. Students

Ting Sun from Tsinghua University (email)

Renalda El Samra from the American University of Beirut (email)

Xiaofeng Hu from Tsinghua University (email)

Claudia Fabiani from University of Perugia

Ilaria Pigliautile from University of Perugia

Ran Wang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Lab Alumni - Masters Students

Master's Students

Xiang Gao (email)
 Renewable Energy Meteorologist in China

Yinzhen Jin  (email)
co-advised with Professor Warren Powell
Now working at Auto Grid System

Lab Alumni - Undergrads

Roan Gideon

Christie Jiang

Lorah Hope

Tracy Morgan

Emily Moder

Thomas Maltbaeck 

Jon Bradshaw